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Look out, Fashion World!

May 2, 2011

I’m super excited to announce that my cousin, Jovana Mirabile, is about to graduate from Parsons The New School for Design with a degree in fashion design, and she is phenomenal (to say the least). I stayed with her during my trip to New York in March, and consider myself so lucky just to get to see her process, and her scraps of fabric and embroidery samples scattered around her room. I only wish I could have been there to see the final collection in person! Bobbin Talk, featured her senior collection in a recent blog post. Check it out.

Look out world. Jovana Mirabile is on the loose! So when she is devastatingly famous… just remember… We come from the same blood. Ha! But seriously… I am so proud of you, Jo. You blow me away, and I can’t wait to see what you do next!

Here’s a peek at some pages of her look book.


All clothing and accessories designed and made by Jovana Mirabile.
Logo design: Alex McLain (that’s me)
Photographer: Brian Lynch
Model: Fay Leshner
Model: Ray Hines
Hair and Make up: Fay Leshner
Look Book design: Christopher Miller


The Hankins Family

April 28, 2011

Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting the Hankins family through a close friend of mine. I fell instantly in love with them, and you’ll see why. They are super laid back and we had a blast during the photo shoot. Not to mention that the two baby girls are outrageously adorable. Check out this peek of our morning together!

Finished Product

April 18, 2011

So remember when I posted about the Doula Foundation project that was in progress a couple of weeks ago? Good news: It’s finished! Check out what happens when extremely talented people from The Alchemedia Project and The Canopy Collective all get together to make something awesome.

The Doula Foundation of Mid America from The Canopy Collective on Vimeo.

Office Space

April 11, 2011
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I can’t help but think about having my own studio space. And although that is probably a million years off… it doesn’t hurt to dream, right?!


I need some serious table space. credit




Welp. Here’s to wishful thinking! … Until next time.

PechaKucha at LemonDrop

April 7, 2011

If you are like me, PechaKucha (pronounced Pechá-koochá) is a relatively new word for you… or maybe it is still completely foreign! Allow me to shed some light… PechaKucha “draws its name from the Japanese term for the sound of “chit chat”, it rests on a presentation format that is based on a simple idea: 20 images x 20 seconds. It’s a format that makes presentations concise, and keeps things moving at a rapid pace.”

While very new to Springfield, LemonDrop was fortunate enough to have PechaKucha presentations about history and architecture for April’s First Friday just last week. Accompanying presentations from local architects and designers was work by the late architect, Richard Stahl, and ditties by local singer Barak Hill. Check out PechaKucha Springfield’s Facebook page here.

Twas a beautiful night for a First Friday on Commercial Street.

*Notes||  five up and to the left: Barak Hill, with guitar. Two up and to the left: Brandon Goodwin speaking about the evolution of the yearbook. One up to the right: Doug Wilson speaking about joint project with Goodwin, Linotype: The Film.

Oh baby!

April 1, 2011

Staging a birth?! Yep, just a typical day at work….

The Alchemedia Project (where I intern) and The Canopy Collective are teaming up to create a promotional video for The Doula Foundation. What is a Doula, you ask? A Doula helps women through their pregnancy. The foundation, however, is a non-profit organization that helps “at risk” mothers regardless of their financial situation. A pretty cool pro-bono project, eh?

We’re all getting pretty pumped up to see the finished product, but here is a look behind the scenes of the video shoots!

The talented Alex Crowder, doin’ her thang. And future Oscar winner, Amber Wilks acting her heart out! (or her baby out) heh heh.

Molly Fowler, getting her direction on.

One of the beautiful stars taking a break.

Amber and Alex became best friends during the filming. Creeper, anyone?!

Craving a sneak peek? This is gonna be pretty excellent:


Help from home

March 22, 2011

Looking for a way to help over in Japan? These Etsy stores want to help you help the people affected by the crises in Japan. Each of these stores is donating portions of their sales to the Red Cross. So check ’em out! A great purchase for a truly great cause.