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Oh baby!

April 1, 2011

Staging a birth?! Yep, just a typical day at work….

The Alchemedia Project (where I intern) and The Canopy Collective are teaming up to create a promotional video for The Doula Foundation. What is a Doula, you ask? A Doula helps women through their pregnancy. The foundation, however, is a non-profit organization that helps “at risk” mothers regardless of their financial situation. A pretty cool pro-bono project, eh?

We’re all getting pretty pumped up to see the finished product, but here is a look behind the scenes of the video shoots!

The talented Alex Crowder, doin’ her thang. And future Oscar winner, Amber Wilks acting her heart out! (or her baby out) heh heh.

Molly Fowler, getting her direction on.

One of the beautiful stars taking a break.

Amber and Alex became best friends during the filming. Creeper, anyone?!

Craving a sneak peek? This is gonna be pretty excellent:


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