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And the Oscar goes to…

February 28, 2011

Well I am happy to say that my hopes for best actor and actress were fulfilled. It was a good year for cinema, and Black Swan and The King’s Speech were hands down two of my favorites. Last night we awarded some of the extraordinarily talented people that usually go nearly unnoticed by the general public, and tonight I would like to recognize a group of people that really give the movies the initial umph before they even land the big screen. Yes, I’m talking about the graphic designers.

This poster, designed by Bemis Balkind, is utterly breathtaking. It is hauntingly beautiful, and I love the fact that only the bridge of her nose is completely in focus. The way it is photographed seems to mimic the fact that Natalie Portman’s character had eyes for only one thing: perfection. All else in her life was foggy and fell by the wayside. I think I’ve made myself clear. I love this poster…

To the left, another design by Bemis Balkind, and to the right a design by Empire Design.

I love this Art Deco illustration take on the movie poster, designed by La Boca. The series of four are all pretty great, but this one is my favorite.

And onto The King’s Speech. Overall these posters were not too good. I did however, quite like this one.

I love the texture in his face. I could not, however, determine who designed this. So if you know, leave a comment.

Poster design on the left, by The Creative Partnership, is pretty typical, but the lighting in the photograph is nice. I actually love the poster on the right, but again, cannot figure out whose work it is… These posters both have the same typography for the title, so at first I thought it was the same people… but I think I’m wrong.

There you have it… my thoughts on the poster design for two of my favorite movies of the year. Take it or leave it.

Until next time.

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  1. March 2, 2011 8:52 pm

    I like the second Black Swan poster a lot. (second row on the left). I also really like the art deco one. Great movie, too. Have yet to see The King’s Speech, but I think the first poster is quiet lovely.

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