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Lassos of truth. Brushes of fury.

February 22, 2011

I’m just going to let my dweeb flag fly for a minute…. I LOVE pretty much anything super hero. Particularly Wonder Woman and Batman… So I’m sure you can imagine my reaction when I recently came across an artist by the name of Anthony Lister. His work revolves around combining and creating various super heroes, as well as the occasional animal. It’s fun. It’s loud. It’s daring. I.Love.It.


Lister’s short biography via London’s Gallery Nosco.
Anthony Lister uses comic book imagery for his own means, redirecting popular culture for personal expression. Heroes and villains are taken out of the panel and placed in a new space, devoid of the usual storyline, dialogue and scenery. His paintings are not controlled by cartoon context; rather, the figures in these portraits are reinvented through the artist’s hand. His mixed media technique, involving layers of ink, spray and brushwork, allows his paintings to simultaneously have soft, ethereality and a garish, raw energy. Through this use of iconic and familiar characters, Lister creates instantly memorable compositions.

Lister graduated from Queensland College of Art in 2001, shortly after he went to New York and worked under the mentorship of New Zealand painter Max Gimblett. Recently, he undertook a research residency in Berlin, and his travels have extended him to take part in solo and group exhibitions around the world. Lister is consistently a finalist in a number of prestigious awards including The Prometheus Art Award and the Metro 5 Art Award. He has been asked to give several lectures, the most recent of which was at Semi-Permanent 2008 in Sydney. Anthony Lister currently lives and paints in New York City.



credit, credit



credit, credit

Pretty awesome, eh? You don’t have to be a dweeb to love this work!
Until next time…


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