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Clothing the naked eye

February 18, 2011

From time to time, does your mind tend to get stuck on one track? Right now, my obsession is glasses. My eyes are begging for a new suit, and I can’t help but do some research. Four eyes? All the better to see you with, my dear!

Jude Law

But let’s get serious guys… A) Is Jude Law not incredible in those specs? (One of the reasons The Holiday was so good)  and B) I’ve always wanted to try a rather bold pair of plastic frames… and I think if Amanda Seyfried can do it… it’s worth a try!

Amanda Seyfried


So here’s the line-up!


one | Some fantastic gray frames from Yves Saint-Laurent.
two | Diggin these Orvis glasses.
three | In love with this lime and black Dolce & Gabbana pair.
four | A beautiful specimen from Vintage Cat Eye Glasses.
five | Pretty Ray-Bans… duh.

Alas…. Wishful thinking! We shall see.

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